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  Customer Comments

"I am delighted with my Poundbury Hen House; at last my girls are safe and dry."
  Ruth from Salisbury

"Thank you for the superb hen house delivered today and ready to use the girls love it already."
  Sally from Dorchester

"Really pleased with the new hen house, peter altered it to suit my garden at no extra charge and it looks brilliant and having great results with my hens looking really content."  
  Steve from Weymouth

"A house that is stable, does not leak and looks goods wow wee!!  Have recommended you to loads of people who have seen it and are jealous."
  Mike from Winchester

"I spoke to Peter and he recommended the Dorchester hen house for me.  I have been using it now for 6 months and the girls have been warm and dry and laying well.  It is so easy to clean and maintain. I love it  just wish I bought it before."
  Angie  from Bude  

"Peter designed a 20 bird house for me which was a large version of the Poundbury which is working well and took all my instructions on board and I now have the house I wanted and that works."
  George from Stoke on Trent

"I bought the Dorchester with shelter and the hens love it and the shelter has proven invaluable with all the rain the hens use it constantly and still encourages them to range out from the shed."
  Tony from Burnham on Sea  

"Fresh clean eggs every day, cleaning out is a doddle as time limited in the mornings with young children and it fits in with our garden a treat."
  Kirsty from London  

"I visited the Farm site as it is not far away and looked at the difference between all types of housing kept to show differences.  When seen and explained to me we made the easy decision to go for one of Peters houses as far superior and it does work very well."
  Dave from Yeovil 

"I was going to make my own but after pricing it up and reading conflicting books on design decided I needed to seek professional advice.  So spoke to Peter and he made my hen house for less than I could with a design that works.  How he could do it for that and delivery it foc – fantastic!" 
  Kevin from Portsmouth  

"Kept seeing loads of hen houses online but could not make up my mind as seemed to have so many gadgets and small runs which one was going to be best for me.  So I went to site and saw for myself and have never looked back and am the envy of my friends who have had terrible trouble with having to keep mending theres!"
  Rachel from Bristol

"Do people really keep hens in these small runs all the time? it must be like a mud bath.  Had a house/run and shelter  with advise on how to manage a larger area for my hens as the runs attached are really only meant for short time periods when you cannot be at home and we now have really happy healthy hens and have keep my garden in good condition too.  Cannot thank enough after past experiences."
  Ian from Exeter  
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