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(w) 1190mm (h) 800mm (d) 650mm

Suitable for 6 medium hens [is available for up to 20 hens, in muliples of 2 hens] 


 from only £299 for 6 hens  - price includes delivery*

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Our biggest seller with many unique features.  It has removable double height perch rails to help aid hens from roosting in the nest boxes.  Rollaway or flat options for the nest boxes to stop hens from sitting on eggs with rear separate collection area.  The nest box has a astro turf type mat which is easy to remove and disinfect:, it helps stops the hen from building a nest so helping against broodiness.  Creating a happy hen in a healthy environment. 

Hens are naturally attracted to the colour red so in front of the nest box we apply a red checked shield not only to attract the hen in but to darken the nest box as hens are quite secretive and want to lay in the dark this also helps prevent vent pecking.     It also has a unique storage area over the nest box so that you can keep any treatments or treats in.   Pophole door opens outwards to give more protection from the rain.    All doorways have bolts to make as secure as possible. The roof is hinged with a stop to hold the roof open this allows easy access to clean and check the inside and maintenance against mites etc only takes minutes.
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