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A hen is the only pet whose original cost, and the cost of its feed, is
offset by the value of the eggs it produces...
                           ...in other words - it costs you nothing!!!

All Dorset Poultry birds are raised at our farm. We do not buy birds from markets or other producers. As hygiene is a top priority, we only get new stock and breeds as eggs.

Every 3 weeks, about 1500 eggs are hatched and for the next 8 weeks they are carefully
raised, vaccinated and taken off heat before being sold to customers.

We hatch about 12 times a year, raising our own breeding hens and cockerels.

Welfare for the poultry is our top priority and we offer everything you need from the
chicken to the coop to the supplies to the advice.

Our starter kits are the best and most popular start to keeping healthy happy chickens.

We look forward to assisting you soon...please contact us for full details.
"How to Look after
your Chickens"
...your essential, must have guide to keeping healthy, happy chickens...
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