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We source and use only the best feed, essential for healthy chickens...

Due to the size & weight of these items you will need to visit our shop to purchase feed.

Chick Crumbs ACS 20 kg


A Specially formulated starter crumb to be fed to day old chicks. Fortified with all the essential vitamins and trace minerals, getting your chicks off to a healthy start making Chick Crumbs ACS the first choice for feed for the early part of the birds life.

Layers Pellets 20 kg


The two Layers feeds have an excellent pedigree within our range. Both Layers Pellets and Layers Mash contain optimum levels of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D3 for bone strength, good shell quality, rich yellow yolk colour, high egg numbers and excellent egg size.

Poultry Rearer Pellets ACS 20 kg


A balanced rearing pellet containing essential amino acids and minerals necessary for strong, healthy bones and good feather quality. Suitable to follow chick crumbs through to point of lay for laying birds, or until finisher is introduced for table poultry.

Classic Mixed Poultry Corn 20 kg

    £9.00 (winter only)

A complementary feed that may be fed as a supplement to a balanced Poultry ration such as  Layers Pellets. Classic Mixed Poultry Corn is a blend of Flaked Wheat, French Non GM Cut Maize, UK Biscuit making Wheat, EC Black Sunflower.
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